About Us

Riverside Studio a small independent company based in rural Quebec, Canada that produces high quality hand dyed yarns. Our Canadian spun yarns are dyed in a rich palette of unique and sophisticated colours. 

The first experiments in colour began in a my studio in Wakefield, Quebec overlooking the Gatineau river. Wool and dye began to take over the space where for many years I had been painting and drawing. A knitting obsession and a desire to work with superior materials started the whole journey. Before long I was stepping over giant boxes of yarn and up to my elbows in dye. Eventually I out grew that space and was lucky enough to be a founding member of an artist cooperative in an old elementary school not far from Wakefield. In our sunny studio we dye yarn in small batches ensuring each skein is as beautiful as we imagined.

The Riverside Studio Team

Kathryn Drysdale founder, visual artist and arts educator. On Ravelry I'm known as katdry.

Julie Nandorfy ex government employee, now a slave to all things fibre. Possibly the fastest knitter in Western quebec and Eastern Ontario.

Annie Lance mother of three, amazing photographer, web page designer, committed knitter and top notch dyer.


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